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8 Lanes Semi Auto Desktop Counter


8 lanes semi-auto desktop counter uses the principle of photoelectric induction to count, bottle, and transport the sensed pharmaceutical particles, and all operating data can be monitored and set in real-time. This machine has a total of 8 vibrating “V”-shaped grooves and uses the vibration effect to automatically count the particles transferred into the lower hopper one by one. There is a bottle-viewing photoelectric eye on the tray. If there is a bottle, it will start working. It will stop when the set quantity is filled. Repeat the above operation after replacing the bottle. If there is no bottle, the vibrating device will stop working.


Speed 1~30 bottles/min
Counting Method Fiber optic infrared detection
Bottle Size 10-500ml round bottles and square bottles (standard feed opening diameter 22, 28MM), height <240mm
Counting Errors ±0.3%
Motor Power 110V~220V/50-60Hz /500W
Net Weight (kg) 80kg
External Dimensions 650mm×1090MM×900MM
Machine Material Main parts material 304