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Gummy Counting Machine

This model adopts advanced European and American technology, uses high-speed photo electricity to detect falling objects, and is supplemented by highly optimized algorithms to calculate and count the number. Then realize accurate counting and packaging through the synchronous control module.

The equipment is exquisite in appearance, beautiful in shape, and convenient for maintenance. It is widely used in the needs of various solid object counting filling and mixed packaging in pharmaceutical, health care products, food, and other industries. Such as tablets, sugar-coated tablets, soft and hard capsules, seeds, nuts, quick-frozen balls, etc. This machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be combined with other equipment produced by our company to form a complete packaging production line.

Gummy Counting Machine Working Principle

When working, load material into the top hopper, and adjust the primary and final vibrating feeders appropriately so that the piled objects in the hopper gradually become continuous strips along the vibrating trough and slide down to the discharge port. Then the objects fall into the detection channel one by one. The principle of the photoelectric effect is used to input the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the pills fall to the high-speed microprocessor (MCU), and the counting function is realized through the cooperation of electronics and machinery. Every 8 tracks of material fall into a discharge port and the set amount of pills are filled into the bottle.


Gummy Counting Machine Feature

  • Wide range of applications, the same equipment can carry out counting for tablets, pills, capsules, special-shaped tablets, and other products; it is easy to switch between different specifications and easy to adjust.
  • Accurate counting, using an independent optical detection system to ensure high-level counting accuracy and speed.
  • Multi-stage vibrating feeding is adopted, and the speed of each stage can be adjusted independently so that the material moves faster and the posture is more uniform and smoother.
  • The surface is made of stainless steel and non-toxic, chemically stable food-grade non-metallic materials, which are easy to clean and have no dead ends.
  • Equipped with a photoelectric sensor for bottle lack and bottle blockage, it can effectively control the normal operation of the entire system, stop automatically when there is no bottle or bottle blockage, and run automatically after recovery.
  • Simple operation, intelligent design, and various operating parameters can be set directly on the human-machine interface according to needs.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time monitoring, alarm, and display.
  • With the parameter storage function, no need to debug again when changing products, directly recall the original stored parameters.
  • Cylinder positioning and bottle separation, fast and accurate, can be produced by a single machine or connected to an assembly line.
  • Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade, and other explanatory materials) provide sufficient guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment.


Gummy Counting Machine Operating System

  • Absorbing the mature high-speed electronic counting technology of well-known foreign manufacturers, based on the MCU high-speed microprocessor technology and the operating system with full Chinese dynamic graphic display, the parameters can be set on the setting interface of the touch screen.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring and alarm display system, and can store 100 sets of product parameters, which can be called directly when replacing products.
  • When replacing bottles of different heights, it is easy to adjust, and the height of the whole machine can be adjusted directly through a hand wheel.
  • It has the function of pre-counting, counting grains, and bottling at the same time, improving production efficiency.
  • Adopt advanced infrared dynamic electronic scanning technology.
  • The infrared scanning electric eye has an automatic light supplement function and a limit alarm shutdown function, which can ensure counting accuracy even for plain medicines with relatively large dust.
  • The matrix electric eye layout ensures that there is no dead angle in the detection channel, and small-sized pills can be counted accurately.
  • A three-level password permission function can be added.
Vibration channel 12lane Each channel corresponds to a filling port
Capacity Max.6000 pills/min Speed changes upon material property
Counting range 15~9999 pills  can be set
Objects size Thickness δ: 3~10mm  Ø: 3~24mm, L: 3~36mm Pills, tablets, softgel, capsules, gummy, candy and other solid particles
Bottle size H: 40~200mm, Ø: 30~80mm Customized according to customer needs
Compressed air 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption ≈130L/Min Cleaning air
Power supply 1P 220V 50HZ
Power 1.1KW
Dimension ≈1400mm(L)*1700mm(W)*1750mm(H)
Weight 550KG


The difficult part in gummy counting mainly stems from their soft and sticky nature. Here are a few challenges typically encountered when counting gummies:

Stickiness: Gummies tend to stick to each other, making it challenging for counting machines to accurately separate individual gummies during the counting process.
Irregular Shapes and Sizes: Gummies can have various shapes and sizes, which adds complexity to the counting process. Ensuring consistent counting and preventing errors can be difficult when dealing with irregularly shaped gummies.
Fragility: Gummies can be delicate and prone to damage during handling, particularly if they are compressed or mishandled, leading to inaccurate counts and compromised product quality.
Static Electricity: Gummies can generate static electricity, causing them to cling to surfaces or each other. This can result in irregular feeding and counting issues in automated machines.
Uneven Distribution: Gummies may not be uniformly distributed in the packaging or counting tray, making it necessary to ensure thorough mixing and proper distribution to achieve accurate counts.
Varying Densities: Different gummy formulations can have varying densities, which can affect their behavior during counting. It may require adjustments in the counting mechanism or settings to account for these variations.

Addressing these challenges often involves using specialized counting machines that are designed to handle sticky or delicate products, implementing anti-static measures, optimizing feeding mechanisms, and employing advanced sensing and counting technologies.

It’s important to note that advancements in technology and the availability of purpose-built gummy counting machines have greatly improved gummy counting accuracy and efficiency, reducing the impact of these challenges.