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Inkjet Printer


Inkjet Printer

Leading technology and the modular design improves the stability of the inkjet machine and bring quick maintenance and high-resolution printing effects. One of the distinguishing features of inkjet printers is their versatility. They can accommodate a wide range of printing materials, including plain paper, glossy photo paper, fabric, transparencies, and even three-dimensional objects in some cases. Such versatility allows users to explore various creative possibilities beyond traditional paper printing.

Moreover, inkjet printers excel in generating high-resolution prints with exceptional detail, making them ideal for producing photographs, graphics, and fine art prints. Their ability to blend colors seamlessly and reproduce gradients accurately further enhances the quality of output.



  • Innovative design
  • High technology
  • Two built-in printing modes
  • Quick maintenance

New generation control system


Sufficient external interfaces

A variety of optional external ports, including serial ports, network ports, USB ports, and expandable input and output IO ports can be used to connect computers, industrial controllers, PLCs, code scanners, and weighing instruments for equipment interconnection, information exchange and mutual control.

More stable printhead

The optimized and upgraded printheads integrate modules such as heating, phase detection, amplification, positive air pressure output, and high voltage insulation. More printhead valves are adapted to pigment ink.

Modular design

Modular design makes the system clean and simple integrating all the stability and enabling quick



Printing Capability

Nozzle Bore:70/60/50/40 μm
Print Height:1.2~15mm
Print Lines:1~5Lines(5X5)
Maximum Printing Dot-matrix:34Dots
Printing Distance:2~15mm
Maximum Printing Speed:320m/min
Input System: Standard American Keyboard
Dot-matrix Font:5X5,7X5,9X7,11X9,16X11,24X16,32X24


Ink Types: Dyes, Light Pigments
Ink Color: Black, red, etc.
Special Inks: Anti-migration, soft pigments, etc.
Makeup: Select According to Ink Type
Cleaning Agent: Select According to Ink Type


Printhead: Temperature in printer head remain
Printhead Diameter: 41mm
Printhead Length: 260mm
Umbilical Length: 2700mm
Umbilical Diameter: 21mm
Umbilical Bending Radius: 150mm
Electricity: 100-240VAC,50Hz
Power: 120W~150W
Net Weight: 22kg
Temperature/Humidity Range: 5~45℃,Relative Humidity 30~90% Frost-free

Other Instructions

Consumables Addition: Drawer, Plug-in Add Method
Communication Function: RS232 Serial Port, USB Interface
User Fields: QR Code, Barcode, Logo, Clock, Counter, shift, etc.
Message Editing: WYSIWYG Editing Interface, Chinese Pinyin Input