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Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine


Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine

Semi-Auto Screw Capping Machine Description

A semi-automatic screw capping machine is a device designed to securely cap bottles, jars, or containers with screw caps. It combines manual and automated operations, making it suitable for small to medium-scale production. It typically involves placing the bottle on the machine’s platform, aligning the cap, and activating the capping mechanism, which securely tightens the cap onto the container. While it requires operator intervention, it offers increased efficiency and accuracy compared to manual capping methods, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their packaging processes.

Screw Capping Machine Feature

  • Suitable for round flat top caps.
  • Electrically controlled movement.
  • Desktop screw capping machine is suitable for the cap screwing of different shapes of bottles in the industries of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals.
  • Height of its capping mechanism is easy to adjust using a hand wheel.

Screw Capping Machine Parameter

Voltage AC220V  50/60HZ
Air source 0.4~0.6MPa
Bottle diameter 32~80mm
Bottle height 32~300mm
Capping speed 30~45pcs/min
Capping torque 4~8KG/cm
Machine size 650*350*580mm
Machine weight 30KG