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Small Automatic Cartoner|Small Cartoning Machine


Small Automatic Cartoner

The machine occupies a small area and is easy to operate. It is mainly used in the daily chemical industry, such as; hair dye creams, facial cleansers, toothpaste, dharma mask, mustard, ointment, and other slender products. It can automatically complete the work of carton opening, forming, product boxing, printing code, carton ear folding, box insertion, and box gluing at both ends.

This machine adopts a joint venture brand PLC programmable controller, and the photoelectric monitoring detects the movements of various parts of the machine and carton. If there is any abnormality, it can automatically stop and display the cause of the fault, so as to eliminate the fault in time. The machine can be used alone, or it can be connected with other packaging machines, such as manipulators, three-dimensional packaging machines, vertical bag packaging machines, assembly machines, automatic filling machines, labeling machines, inkjet printers, etc. to form a complete production line.

The machine has the functions of automatic shutdown if the product is not in place or the material is jammed, automatic alarm when there is no carton, no opening if there is no product, automatic fault display on the touch screen, alarm when the machine stops, and display of machine operation and maintenance methods.

Small Automatic Cartoner Process

  1. Push the box into the star wheel.
  2. Fold the box lower small flap.
  3. Press both lower big flaps.
  4. Flatten both big flaps.
  5. The product falls into the box. (semi-auto type, drop-down product manually, automatic type no need for manual labor)
  6. Fold the box’s upper small flap.
  7. Press both upper big flaps.
  8. Flatten both big flaps.
  9. Finished carton discharge.


Small Automatic Cartoner Features

  • It is specially designed to pack small quantities of multi-size boxes.
  • With low cost and only require a small area. It is suitable for various sizes of boxes. The machine is a vertical type with multiple functions and requires a short time to change the mold.
  • 304 stainless steel case
  • PLC Control System Combined with a 5.7” Colorful Touch Screen Control Panel, can easily set and change the packing parameters.

Small Cartoning Machine Parameter